Downloading on a Phone or Tablet

Notice: We recommend downloading and using our printables on a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile device. If you don't already know how to download and use files on your device, the learning curve may be steep, and we don't offer any support for this. Additionally, some files (such as editable PDF files) may not function properly in mobile apps.

If you want to download your purchase on a phone or tablet, you will need a file explorer app at the very least. Search your app store for an app. Depending on your device and the apps you already have installed, you may need additional apps to open, edit, and print the download.

Please note that we are unable to offer any assistance for downloading or using the printables on your mobile device. This includes recommending apps or teaching you how to use an app. You will need to search Google, consult support materials for your app or device, etc. Keep in mind we offer free downloads that allow you to test before you purchase anything.