Printing to the Edge of the Paper

We offer free downloads that can be tested prior to buying, so please test printing to make sure a particular printable will work for you before purchasing. We are unable to offer any support for troubleshooting printer issues.

If you are printing a design that fills the whole page, you may notice that it doesn't print to the edge of the page. A small white border may be left around the whole page after printing. Depending on your printer, there are several things you may be able to do to correct this:

Borderless Printing

You should check your printer manual or support website to determine if your printer is capable of borderless printing on the size of paper you are using. Some printers may call this full-bleed printing. Note that not all printers support borderless printing. Even if your printer does support this feature, it may be limited to smaller paper sizes such as photo paper.

If your printer supports borderless printing, you need to enable this feature when printing. Check your printer manual for more information.

Note: If your printer can print borderless on 8.5 x 11 paper, it may stretch the design and cut off a small amount around the edges. This is normal behavior and not caused by our files.

Print at Full Size

You may need to adjust settings when printing so the design is printed at full size. In Adobe Reader this feature is found in the print dialog under "Page Size & Handling." Select the option labeled "Actual size." Other programs may use different terms.

Print on Larger Paper

Print on larger paper and then cut it down to size using a paper trimmer or scissors. Check your printer manual to see if your printer is capable of printing on larger paper sizes.