How to Use Our Award Certificates

Please test the free versions of the award certificates before buying. The free downloads work the same as the paid versions. They only include a watermark.


Our award certificates are designed for 8.5 x 11 paper (letter size). They include editable fields for things like the recipient, title, etc. Note that the included fields vary depending on the type of award.

Required Software

We recommend using Adobe Reader for opening and editing the award certificates. Other programs may cause problems such as corrupting the editable fields or displaying fonts incorrectly.

The cards have not been tested with PDF apps on mobile devices. We recommend using a desktop or laptop to edit and print the cards.

We are unable to provide support if you use any program other than Adobe Reader or use them on a phone or tablet.

Editing Award Certificates

The award certificates include fields that can be edited using Adobe Reader. Note that the edits are limited to the contents of the field. Things like fonts, colors, size, etc. can't be changed. The labels for the editable fields are part of the design and aren't editable. Read our article about editing PDF files for more detailed instructions.

Writing on Award Certificates

It is possible to write on award certificates by hand instead of editing them with Adobe Reader. This can be done for the whole award or some of the fields (e.g., the signature field). Just delete the text in the editable fields and print. Note that the blue highlighting won't print.

Printing Tips

  • Make sure you print at full size so the certificate will be printed at the correct size (8.5 x 11). In Adobe Reader, this option is under the Page Sizing & Handling heading. Select the option labeled Actual Size. Note that you may see different wording depending on the version of Adobe Reader you use.
  • While the award certificates can be printed on standard printer paper, we recommend card stock for durability.


  • Text in the editable fields can be changed, but the fonts, sizes, positioning, colors, etc. aren't editable.
  • The awards are 8.5 x 11 and aren't designed to print on other paper sizes such as A4.
  • Color will only print to the edge of the paper if you have a printer that supports borderless printing on 8.5 x 11 paper.


Below are a few ideas for enhancing your awards: